Tecnometal’s state of the art laser cutting technology can cut  most metal sheet or tube sizes. We can cut your logo or make  precise metal cuts.  Sheet metal, tubing and wire are our main capabilities.  A complete and comprehensive line of machinery  and processes allows us to manufacture a wide variety of custom designs in a cost competitive  environment  This Finn-Power punch  press has intuitive CNC  programming and a  multiple speed  punching system that  allows us to give precise  cuts with very fast  production times.  Tecnometal has three  paint lines in operation.  One is a Batch System  and two are paint lines. Our Batch system consists  of 3 cartridge style paint  booths with removable  cartridge modules and a  batch gas fired convection  cure oven.  It is used for  small runs or products that  are too large for the  conveyor lines. Paint line 1:  A Nordson Horizon 400 and Nordson´s “ I Control”  fully integrated and automated paint line designed for high efficiency   and high volume of flat parts, cure oven is a combination of electric infrared and gas fired convection oven, conveyor is   enclosed track style  Paint line 2:  A Nordson quick color change state of the art “Color Max” booth and Nordson´s “I Control” fully integrated and   automated paint line designed for parts up to 2 ft. in with by 5 ft. in height, this line features a 6 stage pre treatment spay   unit, dry off oven, quick color change paint booth, and a gas fired infrared cure oven.  HOME | WHY TECNOMETAL | QUALITY | FAQ | PRODUCTS | EQUIPMENT | GALLERY | CONTACT US Content copyright 2012, Tecnometal. All rights reserved. Complete in-house manufacturing  capabilities including design,  engineering, tooling,  fabrication,  using CNC and Laser, powder  coating and assembly  OUR LIST OF MACHINERY