FAQ Where is TECNOMETAL based?  Our offices and are located and incorporated on both sides of the border.  Our U.S. sales office is based in Dallas, TX, with our manufacturing  and operations offices in Guadalajara, Mexico.      Is TECNOMETAL’s quality comparable to US manufacturers?  TECNOMETAL is a 45 year old family owned manufacturing company, whose owners are professional engineers.  Our quality equals or  exceeds US manufacturers. Since our overhead and direct costs are much lower than in the United States, we can provide extra attention to  detail and high quality of the finished product.  Our company manufactures store fixtures, high quality electronic enclosures and metal parts  for virtually any application.    Why should I have my products manufactured by TECNOMETAL in Mexico?  Mexico has become an excellent choice for many US industries: automotive, aerospace, electronic, medical etc. TECNOMETAL is the leader  in supplying custom metal store fixtures and components  with all of the benefits of  U.S. style facilities,  but with much lower overhead and  direct labor costs - saving you up to 20% - 40%. Our customers benefit from the additional competitive advantage of being able to bring all of  their products into the US duty free under NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). Providing Custom Metal, labor intensive products  to the U.S. store fixture industry on a factory direct basis  is our prime focus and has been for decades    Is TECNOMETAL a better choice than Asia?  TECNOMETAL works for US companies that require quick development, controlled quality and fast delivery. The time from initial contact to  delivery can be shorter than the transit time from Asia (3 to 4 weeks).  We speak your language on both sides of the border and in the Central  Time Zone eliminating the necessity of trips to Asia. Will your U.S. sales department be of assistance?   Yes – every step of the way.  Our very experienced sales team is ready to assist.  All transaction are U.S. based  and are in U.S. Dollars, and  to U.S. standards and specifications What are the logistics of importing from Mexico?  Most orders are shipped by truck with transit time from our facility to most U.S. destinations in 1 to 4 days. We take care of all the logistics,  including border crossing at Laredo, TX, so our customers really have the advantages of a domestic manufacturer without the high overhead  costs! All of our products enter the United States tax and duty free under NAFTA. This provides for hassle free shipping and peace of mind.  Do you have a Quality Control System?  Every aspect of production and uses a quality reporting system.    What extra value can TECNOMETAL provide?  We can design, engineer and quote on your products from drawings or value engineer your existing designs.   What is the typical lead time? Most of our orders are shipped in approximately 4 weeks. For new products, additional time may be required for design, engineering and  tooling, but our time from conception to delivery is among the shortest in the industry.    May I visit the TECNOMETAL facility?  The WELCOME mat is always out for you and it is an easy trip.  Guadalajara is the 2nd largest city in Mexico and all major airlines have many  daily direct flights from several US cities only a few hours away: Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.  Our plant is only 10  minutes from the international airport.  Combine business and pleasure in the same trip – with Puerto Vallarta being very close.            Will Tecnometal provide personal assistance if required? Yes! We will be happy to visit and assist you with your project.  All of our upper management are fluent in English, and have been involved in  the Store Fixture and metal fabrication business for years.     How integrated is Tecnometal in its processes?  We are a highly integrated company from concept to manufacturing and distribution.  Our 150,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility is state of the  art using robotics, laser, CNC and the latest in powder coating equipment. We do it all in-house including the design, engineering, fabrication  and tooling.    Are custom powder coating finishes available in Mexico?  Yes, most major global suppliers like DuPont, Akzo Nobel, Tiger Drylac and many others have manufacturing plants in Mexico.  We can  acquire or match powders very quickly.    What other capabilities can Tecnometal provide? We have in-house capabilities for wood components, plastic moulding, acrylic fabrication, aluminium and pvc extrusions.  We can source  other items locally. HOME | WHY TECNOMETAL | QUALITY | FAQ | PRODUCTS | EQUIPMENT | GALLERY | CONTACT US Content copyright 2012, Tecnometal. All rights reserved.