Buying Displays in US vs. Buying Displays in Mexico _________________________________________________________ Big corporations around the world are trying to find the best displays to show their products.  Developing countries give great opportunities to developed countries as well as big corporations to  design and manufacture amazing displays. When comparing both countries, we are going to  analyze: quality of the products, delivery time, security, type of machinery, in-house manufacturing  capabilities and prices.  Most of the display manufacturers in the United States have leading technology machinery similar  to the ones that some Mexican factories use to manufacture displays. The quality of the product is  the same and sometimes better than the one from the US. The delivery time is close to the ones in  the United States. Even though when manufacturing in Mexico there is a transit time, which is 2 – 4  days, depending on the area. Mexican manufactures also have in- house manufacturing capabilities  including design, engineering, tooling, fabrication using CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and  laser, powder coating and assembly.   Labor cost differs between US and Mexico. In Mexico there is a significant lower labor cost in  contrast to the one on the US.  US companies have more space in their factories than Mexican  companies; since US companies have higher investments they have bigger factories. US factories  meet higher security standards than Mexican companies; however some Mexican companies are  committed to accomplish higher levels of security.  Mexico offers great opportunities to enterprises looking to manufacture displays at a lower cost,  with a relatively similar delivery time and quality, although US companies also have good  experience in manufacturing displays and somehow it is a guarantee to buy them. There are lots of  companies in the US that, have already tried Mexican companies and are happy with their work.     HOME | WHY TECNOMETAL | QUALITY | FAQ | PRODUCTS | EQUIPMENT | GALLERY | CONTACT US Content copyright 2012, Tecnometal. All rights reserved.